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"If people like you they will listen to you, but if they trust you they'll do business with you." - Zig Ziglar


It’s been said a poor plan executed well will outperform a great plan poorly executed. Develop the right strategy customized for you and execute it well. This can be done. You just need fresh ideas to get you started. This is where we can help.


Time is the most precious commodity for a revenue producer. There is not enough of it and the sales pipeline has to continue to grow. There is not enough time in the day and there has to be a better way. There is a better way and we can help.


Executing your strategy or process is easy the first time. Continuing and staying consistent is the challenge. Determining where your time is best spent may require you to consider a partner to help you drive your processes consistently. This is where we can help.

SaaS Based Linkedin Lead Generation Service

Our process is intended to guide the salesperson through their actual sales process. Our multi-touch process begins with research and approval of qualified leads. We drive a process to establish relationships and send call to action messaging leading to conversions of leads. Your job is to spend your time converting and selling.

Using innovative design combined with collecting rich data, we have built an innovative SaaS based LinkedIn lead generation service custom for individual sales producers or sales teams with a LinkedIn subscription.

  • 82% of businesses use LinkedIn
  • 62% of marketing specialist say that LinkedIn is effective for generating leads
  • 48% of sales reps never follow up with a prospect
  • 25% of sales people make a 2nd contact and stop
  • 2% of sales are made on the 1st contact
  • 5% of sales are made on the 3rd contact
  • 80% of sales are made between the 5th and 12th contact
  • It takes an average of 8 cold call attempts to reach a prospect

We Make Your Sales Process More Efficient!

On the sales producer’s behalf, we connect with the approved contacts and initiate engagement. A dashboard is provided of all of your activity. Lists are ready to be uploaded into their CRM’s manually or thru API. Our SaaS based process guides you through your sales process.

Our unique SaaS based Linkedin lead generation process positions the sales producers to spend all of their time developing relationships and closing deals.

  • Less time researching
  • No more cold calling
  • Custom list creation
  • Strategic messaging
  • Analytics Dashboard of activities
  • Real results for high-end sales producers

Hassle-Free Content Creation

Arm your sales and marketing team with quality content that converts. We’ll provide you with content each month that works: totally hands-free for you.

We can repurpose your current blog into micro pieces of content, help you launch a blog that ranks on Google if you don’t have one, or publish lead generating courses, email series, or PDFs to grow your inbound funnel.

  • Add 3%-8% more leads to your funnel
  • Publish content you’re proud of
  • Build brand awareness
  • Get hours back in your day
  • Obtain more credibility in your industry

No more cold calling. Sign me up now!

Connect with new prospects every day and watch your sales pipeline grow. Watch our explainer video of our SaaS based LinkedIn lead generation process.

What's your role?

We like to help everyone.

VP’s of Sales and Marketing, Sales Managers, VP’s of Business Development,
Channel Managers, Owners, Presidents and any other sales and marketing leaders.

  • Business leaders drive strategy and growth and may manage a team of sales producers.
  • Sales and Pipeline management is a must to be able to forecast.
  • Manages sales producers to meet and exceed sales goals.
  • Turnover is a reality among the sales force and new leads must be continually generated.
  • Seeking to find innovative ways for sales producers to spend more time selling and less time account managing and prospecting.

Enterprise Account Executive, Business Development, VP of Sales, Sales Executive,
Account Executive, Relationship Manager

  • Sales producer constantly pursuing new opportunities. A “hunter” who has a sales goal to smash but also wearing numerous hats such as customer service rep, account manager, technical support, and glorified administrator keeping up with the company CRM.
  • Networking events, trade shows, smile-and-dial, LinkedIn connections, blogs, and email blasts are all strategic initiatives but there is not enough time in the day to keep up.
  • Seeking better ways to find qualified leads, establish a relationship, and spend more time selling to smash goals.

VP of Marketing, CMO, Marketing Manager, Marketing Specialist, Social Media Manager.

  • Chief partner to sales organization and complementary resource to provide leads, content, video, social media and overall marketing strategy to help Sales producers achieve company sales goals.
  • Experiences a disconnect between strategy by Marketing and execution by Sales.
  • Seeking consultation of a Sales strategy that integrates into marketing initiatives so all cylinders are humming.

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