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Gordon Ho

CEO / Expert Sales Jedi

Gordon is your liaison and makes sure things go as planned.

Randy AufDerHeide

CTO / Tech Geek

Randy manages our software/webapp and supports all of us.

John Paul

Business Analysis Master

On your behalf, John will research, build the lists and campaigns, and organize your LinkedIn account within our Web App.

Chad delos Santos

Research & Marketing Ninja

Chad heads up research and supports John with campaigns.

Cristina D.

Research Junkie

Cristina is researching 24×7.

RainmakerDots is a sales and marketing resource for small, medium, or enterprise-sized businesses.

It was founded in 2015 by Gordon Ho. Many years ago, Gordon completed a personality survey through Culture Index and his “dots” (results) were that of a Rainmaker. The Rainmaker Dots persona combined with his years as a small business owner and high-end sales producer in technology, logistics, and consulting led to RainmakerDots’ inception.

Ultimately sales is what keeps the doors open. Many times organizations have the best intentions to perform sales but their process is flawed. RainmakerDots assesses the sales and marketing process. Not enough time, not enough consistency in prospecting activities, and no solid strategy are the outcomes.

Because the sales and marketing process comprises of so many unique responsibilities, RainmakerDots focuses on the direct path to get real results. The outcome is to help organizations utilize their time better, institute consistency and accountability, and execute a solid strategy.

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