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Improving Sales and Marketing processes immediately.

About Rainmakerdots

Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life!


My name is Gordon Ho and the founder of Rainmakerdots. This company is built around two things I love to do. Achieving sales and the process of getting leads to make a sale.

Rainmakerdots will improve Sales and Marketing processes immediately. You probably have a system or process in place. With just a little bit of consultation and a fresh point of view, we can help increase the number of qualified leads into your pipeline.

Rainmakerdots was created because we have figured out how to leverage you and the Internet to grow your business. The opportunities are endless and the cost of getting started is small. More importantly, your competitors have not figured it out yet!

Rainmakerdots does three things really well…

  • Find and make appointments with key decision makers in your target market.
  • Manage pipelines and hold sales reps accountable.
  • Market your business to the masses.

If your status quo is holding your business back – let’s talk.


Gordon HoFounder of Rainmakerdots

About Rainmakerdots