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Optimize your LinkedIn profile so you engage and obtain more leads. Perfect for sales teams with 3 or more people.

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Is your LinkedIn profile not performing like it should?

LinkedIn is a great place to find and engage with prospects, but that’s easier said than done if your profile isn’t performing like it should.

Zero inbound leads last month from LinkedIn
Prospects are not engaging with you
You get very few profile views
Your team’s branding is inconsistent

Fix it with our LinkedIn profile template

Our LinkedIn Profile Cheat Sheet will optimize and fix the most common problems with your profile so prospects will engage with you.

More inbound leads from LinkedIn
Prospects will engage with you
Your profile views will go up
Your team will have consistent branding

Your LinkedIn questions will be answered:

How do you optimize LinkedIn profile for sales?

How do you use LinkedIn for lead generation?

How do you write a LinkedIn headline?

What should go in a LinkedIn summary?

How do you start a LinkedIn lead generation strategy for B2B?

Praise for Gordon & RainmakerDots

Jim B.

“Within a month of working with RainMakerDots and using their formula, the results were absolutely amazing. Gordon taught me things about LinkedIn I didn’t realize were out there.”

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