Introducing Lead Stream: The Tailored eCommerce Sales and Marketing Solution for Amerijet International Airlines

Amerijet has entered into a partnership with RainmakerDots and has subscribed to licenses on their platform. This allows Amerijet to access a range of customized services such as list building, lead generation, marketing outreach, and social media posting. In other words, Amerijet is utilizing RainmakerDots’ platform to enhance their LinkedIn marketing and outreach efforts.

Who is RainmakerDots?

How does the service work?

Watch our 2 minute explainer video to learn more.

More about Lead Stream

Your LinkedIn Profile is your “Social Proof” for all the world to see. Let’s make it great.

Evelyn Harris-Clark will be working directly with RainmakerDots to enhance the Amerijet LinkedIn company page and then create an individual profile template to match. RainmakerDots will then update each individual’s LinkedIn profile.

RainmakerDots will research and build a custom list of ideal prospects on a weekly basis on behalf of the Amerijet reps. This list will be uploaded into the RainmakerDots dashboard for reps to review and approve. Once approved RainmakerDots will auto connect on LinkedIn on behalf of the reps.The goal is to add ideal prospects into the individual reps LinkedIn network.

Amerijet marketing will develop a customized connection and follow up message sequence that will resonate with each rep’s ideal prospects. RainmakerDots will get it warmed up.

RainmakerDots is building a connector with Amerijet’s Corporate LinkedIn page. In coordination with Evelyn Harris-Clark, all corporate content will be scheduled and pushed out into the individual feeds of each rep so their growing audience of ideal prospects will continuously see Amerijet content.

Click on this link to opt into the Lead Stream campaign with RainmakerDots. Evelyn Harris-Clark will then schedule your LinkedIn updates and provide access to your dashboard log-ins.