It’s critical for every Startup to build their Sales Pipeline with qualified Leads

Vitalize has partnered and negotiated discounted rates with RainmakerDots who offers a Do it For You Lead Generation service utilizing LinkedIn.

Who is RainmakerDots?

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How does the service work?

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How much does it cost per month?

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*50% off of monthly subscription for the first six months (if signed up by Dec 31, 2022)

**25% off is signed up during Q1, 2023

6 month agreement instead of 12


***One-time $500 Onboarding/Set up fee per license.


Lead Generation Plans Licenses Included Monthly Fee Per Subscriber Vitalize Plan

50% Discount

Individual 1 $2250 $1125
Small Business 2 2 $3500 $1750
Enterprise 5 5 $6000 $3000
Add on Plan 1 $1000 $500

How do I get started?

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