Introducing RainmakerDots

Tailoring Sales and Marketing solutions based on your company’s needs

RainmakerDots collaborates closely with your sales, marketing, and management teams to craft a strategic plan aimed at securing business from specific target prospects. Our services extend to various personalized offerings, including list construction, lead generation, marketing outreach, and the management of social media posts on behalf of your sales representatives.

Who is RainmakerDots?

How does the service work?

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More about the RainmakerDots process

Consider your LinkedIn Profile as your global showcase of “Social Proof.”

Let’s elevate it!

We enhance your LinkedIn profile to captivate and engage your desired audience effectively. Our services include tailoring your banner, crafting an attention-grabbing headline and summary, and refining other elements as required. All that’s left is for you to supply a professional headshot.

We excel at the collection and in-depth analysis of your LinkedIn connections data, enabling you to optimize the organization and administration of your professional network. With an always up-to-date database of connections, you’ll effortlessly stay in touch with key contacts, identify promising business prospects, and remain well-informed about industry trends. This not only enhances your credibility and professional standing but also contributes to a more efficient path towards realizing your career aspirations

We specialize in locating your ideal LinkedIn prospects. Collaborating closely with you, we pinpoint critical criteria such as company type, industry type, job titles, seniority levels, and functions. Subsequently, we meticulously research and present a curated list of potential prospects for your scrutiny and approval. This approach expedites the process of nurturing relationships with promising customers who are highly inclined to take an interest in your services or products, ultimately paving the way for more fruitful and lucrative business opportunities

We craft a tailored message sequence that deeply resonates with your prospects. This comprehensive sequence encompasses connection requests, an appreciative follow-up message upon connecting, a series of drip messages designed to maintain your presence in their minds, and an effective call to action.

We maintain meticulous organization of your data within the RMD web application. This streamlined approach ensures effortless data retrieval and significantly reduces the time spent navigating through LinkedIn. Your information will be systematically categorized into three distinct sections: inbound messaging, prospects awaiting review, and your existing connections.

To develop a customized strategy for your company, we arrange for onsite or virtual strategy sessions with the Marketing/Sales manager leading the process. During these sessions, we will take into account the organizational chart and other relevant information. Following this, we schedule sessions with each participant in the program to further customize the strategy and provide training.

In order to carry out this strategy effectively, RainmakerDots needs access to each licensee/participant’s LinkedIn credentials. We use this access to create a personalized dashboard for each participant.

The onboarding process typically takes between two weeks to 30 days to complete, during which time we will work closely with the team to ensure a smooth transition to the new strategy and platform.

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