We help sales reps get leads so they can focus on selling not cold calling. We change your ratios and provide a lowcost, high return sales system.

Lead Generation

Rainmakerdots will shorten your sales cycles and increase your close ratios. We do this by identifying and converting highly targeted prospects into sales ready leads. Your best B2B sales people should be selling, not prospecting. They do not like it and will not do it consistently. We challenge the status quo of the traditional prospecting approach.

Introducing our LinkedIn lead generation process. Rainmakerdots delivers a sustainable flow of qualified leads for your sales team to convert into new opportunities. We are experts at opening doors by using our own technology and methodology. We design a customized marketing automation process that features quality content that triggers a response. The bottom line is our client’s sales funnels are always full.

Rainmakerdots is not a call center and we do not buy lists. Our approach is to work with clients to understand their ideal prospects. Then, using meticulous research we build prospect lists and nurture these contacts with our personalized LinkedIn strategies.

Our process works because we have made it simple and we position you as true thought leaders in the marketplace.


Lead Generation


How would you like only the most qualified leads fed into your pipeline on a consistent basis without your sales rep needing to pick up the phone?

Each campaign starts with a prospect profile and targeted, custom list. The results are a shorter sales cycle, higher close rates, and sales people who actually spend time selling.

Targeted List Building


Rainmakedots creates targeted, real time lists of contacts with valid emails and information. We can find the right contacts for you.

Industry Thought Leadership


Well written content is the key to successful lead nurturing and keeping prospects interested throughout the sales cycle. We ghost write blogs, create landing pages, and additional content marketing that keeps your business top of mind to your prospects.

Our Process


We work with you to develop each campaign – this means understanding your ideal prospects and coming up with the right message to get their attention. Some call it magic. We call it understanding.

Client Successes


Our most successful clients sell a B2B solution with a medium to long sales cycle. There are two approaches we take to the success of our clients.

  • 1) The mentor approach where we work with you to apply our process
  • 2) Do it for you approach where we run the process for you.

What is Rainmakerdots?


Ultimately we are sales reps that have to “make things happen”. Through years of witnessing and experiencing “traditional” sales methods, we have developed a process that is simple and works. We put your sales rep in the position to make sales.

Our process it he most effective way to generate quality leads for your sales team.

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