We help sales reps get leads so they can focus on selling not cold calling. We change your ratios and provide a lowcost, high return sales system.

Sales Pipeline and Process

Do you seek a living, breathing, and simple pipeline that can help you forecast your sales? Rainmakerdots will shorten your sales cycles and increase your close ratios. We do this by implementing a simple sales process and assigning accountabilities to each rep.Keeping your sales rep busy with consistent leads is a great thing. Now organizing and determining where in the sales cycle each prospects sits requires understanding and strategy to get to the “next steps”. Rainmakersdots delivers an easy to follow sales process that incorporates a simple four-step process to define the status of each opportunity. Our system eliminates chasing and prioritizes the daily activities of each revenue producer on your team.

Whether you use a CRM program and/or have a sales manager, we can work with your existing systems or personnel. Ultimately, we will work with you to implement a simple and effective process to help you win more business sooner.


Professional Sales System


Every successful team has a road map or game plan or system in place. Rainmakerdots will work with your organization to implement a simple but effective professional sales system. The results are instant. Each team member will have a strategic plan that aligns with the company’s goals.

Sales System CRM Program


You and your reps are working a lot of leads. Everyone is busy. How do we know which leads are good (closing soon with high margins) versus bad  (chasing and low margins). Effective sales teams use technology to their advantage and utilize CRM programs to track their sales pipeline. Whether you have a CRM program or not, Rainmakerdots can help companies implement a CRM program OR make existing ones more effective.

Management of Pipeline


So you have reps, you have leads, and you have a sales manager but it is still difficult to manage the overall pipeline. Rainmakerdots can manage your pipeline. By simply working with your team, Rainmakerdots will put in place some simple measurements that will help the entire team.

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