The “I don’t have time” Business Owner

Recently as I have interviewed small business owners, the one’s highly efficient in what they do tend to work at the business. The one’s who struggle with efficiency tend to work in the business.

The “work at” business owner has taken the approach to take a step back and figure out ways to improve business processes, hire the right employees to execute, and guide their business to the next level.

The “work in” business owner is also the sale rep or accountant working late hours to catch up. They wear multiple hats and are so deep into working in the business they don’t realize they may be the clog that prevents growth. Not only do they hold themselves and the business back but they are holding back their employees and customers. Often times their unbeknownst and most popular saying is “I don’t have time.”

What are the steps to have some more time? Perhaps, the first thing to do is figure out what roles you are performing. Then determine how many hours you are spending in that role. To do that job role 100% efficient, how many hours do you have to dedicate? Do this for each one of the hats you wear. Now figure out the value of the role. If you find that you are spending 20 hours a week on an administrative role that you can pay $12 per hour while spending fewer hours on revenue generating opportunities that can bring in $100 per hour, you should consider hiring an administrative person to give you 20 hours back.


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