Why can’t my sales rep close like me?

I spoke to a business owner who is having a great year in 2019. I asked how he would like to make 2020 an even better year. He said he wished the sales rep he brought on during 2019 could close business like he does. So, I asked him the following question.

Do you review each of your sales rep’s appointments and coach him up to be able to learn from you and increase the close percentage? He said “no”. Spending one hour a week role playing the sales environment scenarios and tracking activity into a CRM (there are free ones available) would help determine if the sales rep is the right fit. This activity increases accountability.

The reality is many business owners are able to sell and close naturally because their name is on the business and its their blood, sweat, and tears that comes out in the presentation. It’s very difficult to pass on this knowledge or feeling to a sales rep.

This owner has to look in the mirror and determine if he is the messenger (sales manager). If he is not the messenger and knows it, seeking outsourced sales training and accountability might be the best option for him in 2020.


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