Great Sales reps are Jedi Knights too

Some of my favorite traits of the Jedi Knight in all of the Star Wars movies is their ability to get their gatekeeper to say the exact thing they need to get through.

Great sales reps do the same things by setting up their line of sales questions. Many times this can be set up at the very beginning of the introductory phase of discussion. “Would it be alright that at the very end of our discussion, if there is no fit, you will tell me “no, there is no fit”. If there is a fit, you agree that we work on timelines and determine the actual decision making process.”

At the end if there is “no fit”, you just eliminated follow ups and chasing.

At the end if there “is a fit”, you have agreed to discuss their actual decision making process and timelines. The focus of conversation is shortening the sales cycle.


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